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About G.A.S. Capital, Inc.

The pursuit of aviation partnerships, affiliations and strong alliances has proven to be the foundation of G.A.S. Capital’s growth and success. Our association with leading lending institutions provides the company with a secure financial position and available resources. All of these positive factors have given GASC the power to engage in successful worldwide transactions through their global network.

Our culture is the most important key to the company’s success. The development and expansion of businesses has always been through the nurturing of win/win partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances -- buzzwords in today’s business. For 38 years, we have adhered to this practice regarding every major business decision.

Until January, 2006, General Aviation Services, LLC (GAS) operated under GASC’s umbrella. GAS is one of the premier aviation companies in the business of selling and buying aircraft. GAS has now moved into its third generation of ownership. Dan Dickinson, who is the Chairman/CEO of GASC and former Chairman/CEO of GAS, implemented this succession plan to ensure that GAS continues to be a leader in the aviation field. This transfer of ownership will allow Dan to continue with his tradition of forming and building new companies, partnerships and alliances. However, following the sale, GASC will continue to partner with GAS in General Aviation Leasing, LLC.

Recent growth has been provided through the development of Inventory Navigation (INN); our newly formed company Platinum Aviation Partners, LLC; as well as our affiliate Temco, (U.K.) Ltd. For more information on these, as well as our other organizations, we invite you to visit the Affiliate Companies portion of our web site.


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